Increase sales and profitability F&B Department Domain of the Caves of Han

The project at the Domain of the Caves of Han was to increase the sales and the profitability of the Food & Beverage department. Together with the local F&B Manager we developed a plan of action. The approved plan was implemented within a period of three months and was operational by the start of the high season.

The product range in the various sales points was adapted to the needs of the guests with respect to the regular visitor flow during a visit; the product range was downsized in some sales points and expanded in others. The presentation of the products and the sales points themselves were changed in order to increase the attractiveness and visibility. Pricing for all products was also reviewed. All these measures led to an increase in sales.

In addition, partnership deals were concluded with food partners, giving support through additional marketing efforts, delivering customized equipment and by setting up sales incentives in order to further stimulate sales.
The operational organization was thoroughly changed at various sales points. Installations and equipment was replaced, stock rooms were rearranged and the processes for food preparation and servicing were revised. In addition, a number of operational actions were shifted from the employees to the guests. In this way, considerable efficiencies were realized.