I bring my experience …….

  1. In defining a clear service concept, so that guests can form a clear idea what to expect and employees can form a clear picture of what is expected of them.
  2. In defining a clear mission, vision and strategy, so that the direction of the organization can be made clear to employees and guests.
  3. In determining clear values so that employees know where their organization stands for.
  4. In determining the strategic direction and the translation of the strategy to the various departments and to individual employees. 
  5. In screening and attracting motivated employees.
  6. In properly integrating new employees in your organization.
  7. In developing training tools and programs.
  8. In guiding, steering, supporting and coaching employees.
  9. In setting up frameworks to give employees the necessary freedom in order to develop themselves and the organization. 
  10. In bringing different profiles together in a team to create a powerful whole.    
  11. In setting up an adapted commercial approach for different target groups.
  12. In developing and bringing to market additional services for certain target groups .
  13. In using customer feedback in order to continually optimize service.
  14. In setting up partnerships with commercial and government organizations.
  15. In mapping the customer journey and touchpoints in order to permanently improve the customer experience.
  16. In defining clear procedures that serve as a basis for offering a uniform, high-quality service.
  17. In mapping processes in order to further improve service and efficiency.
  18. In setting up tools for the development of basic plannings and the permanent adjustment of the schedules to match the number of employees deployed as closely as possible to the (expected) number of guests.
  19. In setting up dashboards with the most relevant KPIs in terms of innovation, employees, guests, operational functioning and finances, which are determinant to the long-term success of the organization.
  20. In managing major change projects.