Who am I?

After a career of 25 years in various management positions within different companies, I use my experience and expertise to support companies within the hospitality and leisure industry.

Cinemas, theme parks, water parks, adventure parks, zoos, hotels, food chains,... Every organization in which the guest is central and the employee plays an important role in the value chain, can turn to me in order to achieve smart profit in the short term and ensure sustainable success in the long term.

Companies in need of inspiration, support or assistance in developing tools, can always contact me.

Some realized projects

Increase sales and profitability F&B Department Domain of the Caves of Han

The project at the Domain of the Caves of Han was to increase the sales and the profitability of the Food & Beverage department. Together with the local F&B Manager we developed a plan of action. The approved plan was implemented within a period of three months and was operational by the start of the high season.

Development of a strategic plan for a group operating restaurants

The project was to develop a strategic plan for a group that operates 4 restaurants, with the goal of creating more uniformity across the various locations. The strategic plan was developed with the internal sponsor, and was presented to the Management Board and validated by them.

Analysis of organization for a group active in daily recreation 

The project was to make an analysis of the existing organizational structure and the tasks, responsibilities and powers of the employees, as well as the procedures and the reporting. In close cooperation with the General Manager of the Group, recommendations were formulated in order to better align the organization to the rapid growth of the group.

Drafting feasibility study and business plan for an indoor theme park 

The project was to develop a feasibility study and a business plan for an indoor theme park. The plan was worked out with other members of the project group and presented to the CEO of the company.

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What other say about Didier

Didier helped us with an important and strategic project for one of our service lines, across 4 different locations in Belgium. He showed a tremendous amount of strategic insight from his wide and deep experience base, was able to create structure around a complex set of issues, and conduct a great depth of detailed analysis that he synthesized for the executive team. His recommendations were all taken very seriously and implemented, resulting in savings and optimized operations for the business division. We greatly respect Didier's capabilities in both strategic as well as tactical problem solving and his eagerness and great rapport with our staff and senior leaders.

Ik heb het geluk gehad om eerst collega te zijn van Didier bij van Gansewinkel en nadien klant bij Comic Station. Hij is een schitterende teamplayer die op een rustige heel constructieve en eerlijke manier meedenkt/meewerkt. In één eenvoudige zin gezegd: heel aangenaam om zaken mee te doen!

Prettige people manager, met een gedetailleerd oog voor financieel management. Operationeel sterke leider die de belangen van een bedrijf weet te behartigen zonder de connectie met zijn staff uit het oog te verliezen waardoor hij gewaardeerd wordt door zijn medewerkers. Ik beveel hem zeer aan als adviseur of ad-intrim manager voor bedrijven die een verander proces willen doorvoeren om 'the next level' te kunnen bereiken.

Ik heb een klein jaar samengewerkt met Didier, waarbij hij mijn directe leidinggevende was. In zijn rol als parkdirecteur heb ik hem leren kennen als iemand waar je altijd op kan rekenen, met gevoel en aandacht voor voor de mensen met wie hij samenwerkt, een geweldige people manager. Op het gebied van project-management altijd in-control en uitstekende management skills, controle over complexe projecten en processen, en altijd met veel oog voor detail. Ik heb altijd heel prettig samengewerkt met Didier en zijn duidelijke, open en communicatieve houding is een aanwinst voor elk bedrijf.

Ability to speak in 7 languages and outstanding cultural knowledge. One of the best mentors I ever had - world class negotiator, culture savvy, good coach, detail-oriented professional. Thanks Didier, it was a pleasure, I learnt a lot!

Didier will allways be in my mind as a friendly, always open and hardworking colleague. Once convinced by the target to go for, he did not lack of any motivation to realise what was expected. As a people manager, he could really motivate other colleagues.

I've known Didier as a colleague who is very strong with managing financial targets/results. He knows how to get to a certain result with the needed creativity. Costcontroll is one of his strong points, so is managing lower management. Character-wise, Didier is humoristic and a nice colleague to work with.

I had the opportunity to work 1 year with Didier as a direct colleague. What struck me was how he smoothly combined analytical skills with people management skills as this is a combination which is not always evident. As he was responsible for the biggest department in the 3 countries and consequently different cultures this match made Didier a strong Operations Director who was very well respected and moved his department forward. Summarizing I would say Didier is a business leader with a keen eye for change and he understands the broader picture very well.

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