Development of a strategic plan for
a group operating restaurants

The project was to develop a strategic plan for a group that operates 4 restaurants, with the goal of creating more uniformity across the various locations. The strategic plan was developed with the internal sponsor, and was presented to the Management Board and validated by them.

As a starting point, a clear service concept was defined for the brasseries, so it would be clear for guests what to expect and for employees what to offer. The main elements of the service concept were elaborated high-level, such as the product range, the product presentation, the product quality, the price strategy, the service, the look & feel and the general atmosphere in order to have a coherent whole.

Various additional target groups were defined that could be approached in order to increase sales. Partnerships with external sales channels were proposed in order to further stimulate direct sales on the one side and to further support the brand awareness of the restaurants on the other side.

Fixed portions for foods and beverages and bundling of purchases for all restaurants in order to reduce the food cost were proposed. In addition, a proposal was developed for uniform staff planning in order to keep personnel costs under control.

All these elements have been incorporated in a financial plan with underlying targets for revenue growth (number of guests and spend per guest) and control of costs (food cost percentage and personnel cost percentage).
Finally, a project timing was proposed for implementing the various elements in several phases.